merry tree banner

…and Happy New Year’s Eve to you!

I’m still recovering from my cold but actually went out for an hour or so today to browse around a few stores.  I stopped in at Michael’s to pick up some of their lightweight cardstock since it’s on sale for $2 per pack – I use it for the verses inside my cards – and I also dropped in to Target to see if I could find anything interesting. (not really, but I did get a new cork/dry erase board for my craft room)

Many paper crafters – myself included – usually reorganize/purge their creative spaces this time of year and I have given myself a little personal challenge the last couple of years to either make something with the leftover Christmas papers and embellishments on my craft table or to bag them up and give them away.

I had a lot of supplies left from tag making this year and was going to whip up a few tags but decided to just bag it all up and get it out of the house and spend more of my after Christmas down-time cleaning and weeding out outdated supplies that I’ll never use.

I did, however, put together a quick Christmas card from some leftovers that I like so much that I’m swapping it out for a card I was going to give my cousin’s family tomorrow:

merry trees

The slope with the sentiment was already stamped and cut and the trees were done a while ago as well.  The snowman was one I’d glittered up for an assembly line of similar cards – I knew the glitter and glue would need to dry so I made them the night before and did a couple of extras just in case I messed one up.

Incidentally, this is the first official picture I’ve taken with my new light box.  It’s a very small light box (12X12) and I might have to get one a little larger but I’m surprised at how bright it is (looks kind of dark when I’m taking the picture but this turned out really nice!)

Must get back to the tidying…this is a multiple-day task!