valentine ins banner

No card or paper craft to show you today but I did get my Valentine Inspiration Station set up so I thought I’d share that today.  My new cork/white board is installed as well though the only things on it right now are two sticky notes that were stuck to my monitor (and I have to remember to bring a dry erase marker down from the kitchen as well as get an eraser…)

Here’s the board – I’m sure this is the last time it will be so empty:


Very exciting, no?  😉

Let’s move on to something less heart palpitating, shall we?

I keep my out of season craft supplies in photo boxes in my little closet.  It reduces clutter and also helps me inventory what I have or need for each “holiday”.  I have lots of Christmas items but try to keep Halloween/Easter/Valentine’s down to as few boxes as possible as I don’t really need a lot of stuff for those occasions.

Yesterday, I took out the two photo boxes of Valentine’s stuff – which is mostly packaging such as printed bags, little plastic heart-shaped containers and excelsior (crinkled paper used to line a gift basket).  I went through and removed items I thought I might want to use and placed them in my tiered tray.

I then “shopped my stash” to find other everyday items that have a Valentine’s theme (think hearts, pinks, reds…)

Once I’d gathered everything, I arranged it on my tray so I could easily see all the embellishments without having to dig through the contents.  Here’s one side of the tray:

valentine inspiration station

…and here is the opposite side:

valentine ins side two

Of course, I also need patterned paper and image stamps so I went through my 6×6″ paper pads and pulled all the Valentine/Love themed pads and then I flipped through my clear stamp sets and pulled all the ones I thought could be used for a Valentine’s Day card. (In reality, I will probably only use a few of the sets but it’s nice to have choices!)

valentine shop

Once I had those selections made, I put them all in a box and placed them next to the tiered tray.

valentine shop 2

I like to put all the seasonal papers/stamps in a box as it’s easy to move it out of the way if I need more space when working on a project.  It’s likely this (kind of ugly) box will live on the floor next to my 6″x 6″ paper collection once I get going on card making.  When I’m working on Christmas crafts, I actually use a plastic dishpan from the dollar store to hold all my papers and stamps.  That always stays on the floor rather than the work top as it takes up too much space.  I could have used that same pan for the Valentine’s themed items but it’s too large and I find that if there is a lot of extra space in the box, things fall over which makes it harder to see what I have.

Hopefully, I’ll actually get to use some of this stuff before I go back to work!