mailbox banner


In November, a Target opened up in my area – it replaced a Zellers store (well, it replaced 3 Zellers stores).   While this is not that much of a life-altering event, with the closure of Zellers, my only options for department stores were Wal-Mart, Sears, or a local store called Piper’s.   It’s good to have another choice again as I don’t really enjoy going to Wal-Mart.

Aside from having another shopping choice, the best part about Target opening is I can finally scope the infamous Dollar Spot to get some of the cute alterable items that my US counterparts are always playing with on SCS.

The most famous (IMO) alterable that ever stemmed from Target has to be the mailbox they put out for Valentine’s Day – I’m guessing this was probably back in 2009.  Lots of people in Canada were trying to get their hands on these hot little numbers and I know that a fair number got some kind US crafters to sell and ship some to them so they could join in the mailbox altering fun.

Fast forward to 2014.  Impressively, my local Target is carrying those mailboxes.  More impressive still, they are only a dollar even though other US chains are selling their “dollar” items for $1.50 in Canada (Michael’s markups are insane.  They shouldn’t show us poor Canadians the US price on the labels as it’s so depressing).  AND the price has not gone up even though it has to be 5 years since these little cuties hit the crafting scene.

Due to how long its been since the mailboxes were on my radar, I don’t exactly remember how people were decorating them but I had no trouble quickly altering one of the two white mailboxes I bought last week. (I restrained myself and only bought 2 but they’re not hard to alter so I may take another run into Target and see if there are any left in stock).

Here is my first altered Target Mailbox:


I used some MME paper I had left from a design team stint (I don’t have a lot of 12X12 paper these days) and some ribbon and felt hearts.  I kind of kept it simple.

Of course, I had to put something in the mailbox so I created 4 3X3 Valentine’s Day cards using a Lawn Fawn set I bought last year around this time:

mailbox cards

(I kept them pretty simple)

I added some white envelopes and tied the cards into a bundle to insert into the mailbox:

mailbox bundle

I think it turned out quite cute and it was a fun and easy project due to the small amount of colouring.