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I picked up some treat sized bars (kit kat and coffee crisp) and wanted to make some cute holders to package them in to give out to my department at work for Valentine’s Day.

I know some people find this difficult to do but I’ve always enjoyed creating my own little custom boxes/holders for gifts and I enjoy sitting down with a piece of paper and a pencil (I always use a pencil!) and drawing out the dimensions of the packaging.  Sometimes I alter the dimensions in order to get the most out of a sheet of cardstock and today’s holder is no exception.

I started out by measuring the length and width of each bar.  As they are slightly different sizes, I had to come up with two sets of dimensions.

I knew I wanted the front panel to be around three inches high and this actually worked out quite well for this particular design – you can get 8 treat holders out of one sheet of 12X12″ cardstock (I used Bazzil but any cardstock will do).

I’ll show you the finished product first and if you want to try making your own, I’m providing some instructions below (but didn’t take pictures along the way so I’ll try adding a sketch or two to help you visualize the concept):

Valentine Treats

The batch above used a cute Whimsy stamp set (Playful Kittens) and Authentique papers that I purchased from and I actually submitted this project as part of my design team committment.   I made a second batch using the paper scraps I had left from all the Valentine’s Day cards I made over the last few weeks (all papers are from as well) and, while I still have a few scraps, I was pleased to use some up on a cute project.

valentine treats 2013 new batch

The above “scraps” of paper came from Echo Park “Love Story” and American Crafts “XOXO” paper packs.  I actuallly like these a little better because I prefer whimsical patterns over the more elegant patterns from the Authentique “Lovely” collection but you can see that you can easily go elegant or cute and still get a great finished product.

Here’s a side view so you can see how the treat is packaged inside the holder:

Valentine Treats side view

You’ll see in the picture above that the bar actually slides into the back of the holder but if you wanted to reverse it so the bar is up front and then decorate a smaller area up top, you certainly could.  I just enjoy working with a 3X3″ area – it’s so easy to decorate such a small surface and I love making square cards as opposed to rectangular ones.

If you want to try these for yourself, you’ll need to cut a piece of cardstock that measures 3X6″ for each holder.  You’ll just score a little differently for each type of chocolate bar.

The Kit Kat holder needs to be scored 5 times at the following distances:  3″,  5/8″,  1.5″,  5/8″,  1.5″ .  I’m adding a little sketch as this is how far apart each score is, not the length at which you score:

Kit Kat

The Coffee Crisp holder is scored at 3″,  3/4″,  1 1/4″,  3/4″,  1 1/4″

coffee crisp

This will leave you with a 1/4″ tab that you’ll add some score tape to so you can adhere the box together.

The only tricky part is making sure that the “box” area of the treat holder is relatively square (I found it helpful to place the bar inside before adhering the tab in place.  I also viewed the holder from the side to ensure it was somewhat square).

The Coffee Crisp bar fits inside snugly enough that it won’t fall out but I couldn’t make the Kit Kat holder too snug or it wouldn’t stand on its own so I put a glue dot on the back of the bar, slid it into place and then lightly pressed on the holder to stick the bar to the inside of the box.  I used mini glue dots and it is not hard to remove the bar from the box since only a teeny bit of the wrapper is stuck to the box.

I made 20 of these over two days – I coloured half the images one day and cut them out and coloured the other half a day later.  My attention span is not quite long enough to colour 20 of the same image in one sitting!

Another little tip if you’re making a bunch of these, cut the cardstock in half (6″x12″) and do all your score lines before cutting the 3″ width.  That way, you’re scoring 4 boxes at a time instead of doing them one by one.