caramel banner

I made a dozen treat bags to package up some chocolate/caramel hearts I’m bringing the personal care attendants at my Mom’s nursing home this week.  I needed something cute but quick so I went with solid stamps and dies instead of colouring a dozen images (it gets a bit old after the first 2 or 3).

The dies I used are from PTI…I mixed a heart die with a flower die (using the heart instead of the flower as the topper on the stem/leaves) and managed to use leftover patterned paper from other projects I’ve done the last few weeks for 10 of the 12 treat bags.  I also used smaller pieces of my heavyweight white cardstock to die cut the shapes so I’m happy to say my little scrap pile is slightly smaller (but only slightly).

Here’s  what they look like:

caramel hearts

I threw a few sequins on the tags to meet a sequin challenge at my LSS.  I don’t have a huge selection of sequins (most of what I have came from a dollar store) and I’m hoping not to go too crazy stockpiling them as I just can’t use up all that I buy (my washi tape collection continues to grow and I hardly use the stuff…sequins would fall in the same category).

On to less crafty news, our new dog Jill is proving to be quite the handful.  She’s destroyed a chair, a blanket, a treat jar, a pair of scissors, has eaten a plant and chewed up a roll of duct tape, munched on my good living room curtains and clawed the top of my living room coffee table and has also ruined the living room blind.  We had to borrow a crate to house her while we’re at work because the stress of wondering what piece of furniture will be ruined by the time we get home each day.

Hopefully, the crate will work out because I can’t take the path of destruction – I am quite particular about my house and the state it’s in now (all the curtains/furniture etc. pushed out of the way) really bothers me.  If she can’t tolerate the crate while we’re at work, she’ll have to find a new home. (we’re quite attached to her so this is a last resort – she’s a lovely dog when someone is home but she either has separation anxiety or is bored while we’re at work – we’ve tried all the usual stuff like tiring her out and giving her lots of toys to play with/chew on etc)

Must dash…I have a few things to do before bedtime and it’s back to the grind tomorrow.