I don’t have a project to share today – there was practically ZERO craft time this weekend.  On the bright side, I got the bathroom sorted out after the mini reno.  Nothing too exciting but DH installed a new vanity, sink and countertop – the house we live in was built for wheelchair accesibility and our main bath had a counter with a sink but no cupboards underneath so you could wheel a chair right up to the sink.  It was also a couple of inches shorter than a standard vanity so some plumbing work and a little tweaking of the location of the outlet was involved.  I’ve been waiting about 7 years for this little project to be done so DH scored major points by checking it off the list.

Once the new vanity was in, I had to rearrange/sort all the things I’d crammed in the linen tower plus all the stuff that lived in the space under the sink.  Once that was done, we decided to take the debris from the project plus all the stuff I purged straight to the “waste management facility” (read: dump) rather than drag it to the basement for later disposal.  That plus running a few errands and doing a little housework ate up my entire Saturday (and all my energy).

Today, I cleaned out the fridge (would have been a plan to do that before going to the dump!), washed the kitchen floor and altered a couple of pairs of pj’s for my mom.   I had a little tension issue with my sewing machine that I unfortunately didn’t notice until I’d hemmed one entire pant leg so I spent 30 minutes picking all the stitching out…it was a mess!  Needless to say (but I’ll say it anyway) I wasn’t in the mood to spend any more time in my craft room this afternoon so I did some reading instead.

The only craft-related thing that happened today was that I prepped some materials to start working on a little Spring-themed project.  I’ll pick at this project on my lunch breaks at work over the next couple of days…here’s a preview:

I’m making some treats for the staff at the Tim’s (Tim Hortons) I go to on my break at work…they’re a pleasant bunch and it doesn’t hurt to let the people who make your morning jolt know that you appreciate them.

Once I’m done, I’ll be sure to post a picture or two.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!