You may have noticed my blog activity took a nose dive in the month of June…and July…and most of August – and the summer ain’t over yet!

At the end of June, my husband’s parents flew over from England to visit for a few weeks.  It’s been some time since they made the journey (it’s expensive and they are pensioners) and we (I) wanted the house to be perfect before their arrival.

There were LOTS and LOTS of projects to do before they got here.  Most were inside jobs so to speak (coming in Part 2) but some were outdoor projects – that we did when the weather cooperated – which wasn’t often during the first half of June.

Projects included staining the front steps and painting the front door:

Stripping and repainting the stained glass light on the front step (not fun – lots of little panes of glass):


Planting flowers (I do NOT have a green thumb) – I think I spent almost $200 on annuals this year – including soil and pots – most were for our back garden and I didn’t think to take pictures while they were in full bloom:

…and re-seeding part of the front lawn as we had the driveway re-paved in the Fall and the asphalt was higher than the lawn when it was finished.  Here’s a shot of the front after all our little DIY projects:

Stay tuned for Part 2 – Indoors!