While I’m sure some people did something meaningful and celebratory for Canada Day, DH and I had a quiet day at home.  The most productive thing I did was laundry (oh, and I made a batch of blueberry scones for breakfast)

I did spend some time in my craft room today – not as much as I thought but I did work on three different projects (one can’t be shared at the moment, unfortunately – the hardest part of being on a design team).

The first project is the subject of todays blog post title.  I made three batches of wrinkle ribbon.  One soft yellow, one soft green and one rose-red.  I have red fingertips which I hope will be faded by the time I go to work tomorrow.  It was hard to get a picture showing the true colour but this is relatively close:

I then worked on the un-shareable project for a little while, had some lunch, read for a few hours, did laundry, read for another little while, had supper, spent an hour with DH, read some more (almost done) and then decided I didn’t want to let the day end without making a card so I whipped up this little number which was inspired by the ribbon I made:

All in all, a very decent day off!  I’m going to grab a shower and read for a little while before bed – I hope everyone had as enjoyable a Canada Day as I did.