Not so long ago, I was playing with Everyday Button Bits again and made a couple of cherry-themed cards.  Nothing fancy but I’ve got two more cards for my birthday card stash so I can’t complain!

I just made a few adjustments to this simple layout to give my cards slightly different looks. (it’s just more fun that way)

I believe the patterned paper is My Mind’s Eye (I’m guessing Fine & Dandy – darn, blogging cards needs to be done in a timely manner if anyone wants *me* to remember the names of the papers I used.  I can hardly remember my own last name sometimes!)

If I was going to re-work the card on the right, I’d reverse the patterned paper so the ribbon has the plainer pattern behind it…I think it’s a little lost in this picture but these cards look quite cute in real life.

Gotta jet…planning a little trip in the not too distant future and I’ve got LOTS to do!